Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prescot Primary School Colonial Presentation

For their Colonial History studies, Prescot Primary School invited us to give two presentations on the 27th of June for their year 5 classes on Colonial and Frontier life in Adelaide. As the children had been studying the subject it was wonderful to see how much prior information they could add to our presentation. This was very enjoyable as we rarely have students that are able to contribute so well.

Unfortunately the children are too small to demonstrate the outfits. I think that I will need to make a smaller dress and undergarments that are adjustable in size for demonstration of the layers for future primary school presentations.

Wuthering Heights Getaway

We had been getting very stressed of late; Me with my final papers and exams for the end of semester at university and Nic with his promotion at work. So we decided we needed a getaway and how else would we go except in period style. Normally we would go camping and live under our canvas, however, this time we decided to go in style. Therefore, we stayed for 3 nights in a bed and breakfast in the Clare Valley called Wuthering Heights. It is a period style house that was hand built using reclaimed building materials.

Being located in the Clare Valley we had lots of opportunity to purchase and drink amazing wines and local produce. The house itself, however, is located in a large farm area that has been reforested, creating beautiful walks and views. The property has a hill and also a creek that runs into a small lake with a fishing bridge. We thoughroughly enjoyed exploring the property including the remains of the original farm house. 



The inside of the house is just as amazing with a large log fireplace to keep warm and a lovely long wooden table for dinning.

We ended up having a very relaxing time and feeling refreshed to get back to our normal lives.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Re-Opening of the Institute Building for History Month 2011

Our final event for History Month was for the Victoriana Society on the 29th May. For the150th year anniversary of the 1861 opening of the Institute Building on North Terrace in Adelaide, the society held a reenactment of the original official opening. Unfortunately as we were taking part in the reenactment we were unable to take any photos of the event itself. Hopefully I may be able to get copies of the official photos at a later date. The ceremony went for over an hour, which was a lot shorter than the original thankfully. It was concluded by an afternoon tea that was provided by members of the society. 

The following photos are of Nic and myself relaxing in the lending library after the event.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kingston Historic House Devonshire Tea for History Month 2011

Our second event for History Month, on the 22nd May, was a Devonshire tea afternoon at Kingston House. Nic provided sentinel security at the door to the house while Richard and Bob patrolled the rooms and chatted with the afternoon's guests. It was a lovely afternoon and hopefully we did some good in promoting a great historical charity.

Kingston House is a wonderful charity of volunteers who donate their time to raise funds to restore and protect this beautiful house. They hold afternoon teas every Sunday afternoon except for the summer months when they are closed. The history of the house can be read on their website

 Unfortunately the photos are not of very good quality, however, it was still a lovely afternoon with excellent tea and scones.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles Encampment 2011

For History Month this year the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles decided to hold a military encampment. The site chosen was the original rifles parade ground at Market Square in Old Noarlunga. The camp ran over two days from the 7th to 8th of May. On display was period camping, cooking, clothing, military implements and guns. The volunteers also held military displays twice a day including firing drills.

This event provided a wonderful opportunity to meet with ancestors of the original Noarlunga and other Volunteer Rifle groups within Adelaide. It was also good and positive publicity for the Southern Rangers Black Powder Club and the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles. We also received a lot of positive feedback on the encampment and hope to be able to make it a yearly event in the future.

Photo advertising the event in the Southern Times Messenger Newspaper.
Bob Rose, Danielle Grguric, Nic Grguric and Richard Schwer.
(Left to Right)

 Encampment Layout on the first morning.

 Richard, presenting information about the history of the rifles to the gathered crowds.

 Drill display on the main square.

Comparative speed blank firing competition, between Lachlan (using a breachloader) and Nic (using a muzzleloader).

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frontier South Australia School Presentation

We were recently asked to present 4 living history presentations to a local high school. The presentations were designed to accompany and support the year 9 and 10 Society and Environment classes in providing a more visual and real feel understanding of their bookwork.

The students found it interesting to try on the different types of garments, including the use of corded petticoats and crinolines to experiment with the practicalities for themselves. Another aspect of this was the roles, education and employment options of women.
We were also able to show the essentials of camp life in the 1830s to 1860s with the use of containers, cooking and cleaning equipment and Nic provided a display of fire starting using a flint and steel.
To finish off Nic demonstrated the use of both a musket and muzzle loaded rifle, with stories of frontier conflict.