Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles Encampment 2011

For History Month this year the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles decided to hold a military encampment. The site chosen was the original rifles parade ground at Market Square in Old Noarlunga. The camp ran over two days from the 7th to 8th of May. On display was period camping, cooking, clothing, military implements and guns. The volunteers also held military displays twice a day including firing drills.

This event provided a wonderful opportunity to meet with ancestors of the original Noarlunga and other Volunteer Rifle groups within Adelaide. It was also good and positive publicity for the Southern Rangers Black Powder Club and the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles. We also received a lot of positive feedback on the encampment and hope to be able to make it a yearly event in the future.

Photo advertising the event in the Southern Times Messenger Newspaper.
Bob Rose, Danielle Grguric, Nic Grguric and Richard Schwer.
(Left to Right)

 Encampment Layout on the first morning.

 Richard, presenting information about the history of the rifles to the gathered crowds.

 Drill display on the main square.

Comparative speed blank firing competition, between Lachlan (using a breachloader) and Nic (using a muzzleloader).

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